The 231 foot Boeing 747, also known as Air Force One, touched town at the Chattanooga Airport at 12:24 Tuesday afternoon.

President Barack Obama made his way down the steps of the mobile command center before heading to Enterprise South in his motorcade of secret service, staff and press.

No one knew what route Obama would take from the airport to Amazon. Some hopeful spectators were banking on I75 and they were right. They got to witness the president's motorcade driving by as they snapped pics.

"Just to say I saw something," says spectator Lisa Caperton.

Not everyone was excited, however. The Tennessee Highway Patrol brought traffic to a halt on I75 as Pres Obama's motorcade made its way to Amazon.


Protestors also gathered along I75 at Hamilton Place Blvd to show the president their message through signs they made.

Tea Party protestors were also present at Lee Highway at an old Target store. Signs were at ready with messages of "Obama, war criminal," "Wake up and smell the tyranny," and "Race baiter."


Hundreds of supporters lined up along the streets near the Enterprise South entrance on Bonny Oaks and at the airport to see the Air Force One and the president.

They too had signs with messages of "Obama does care," "Chattanooga small business owners for Obama," and "See Barack City."


Obama spoke before a packed house of Amazon employees and guests.

One of the cornerstones of the president's plan to create a better bargain for the middle class is to ensure every American who is willing to work for it will have the opportunity for a good job that pays good wages.

"That's why I'm visiting cities and towns like this, to lay out my ideas for how we can build on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class in America.  A good job with good wages.  A good education.  A home to call your own.  Affordable health care that's there for you when you get sick.  A secure retirement even if you're not rich.  And more chances for folks to earn their way into the middle class as long as they're willing to work for it," he said. 

See the entire speech and video.

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Chattanoogans came out in full force to voice their opinions about Obama's speech.

"Typical for him... blame all the problems on Republicans, and yet he talks about both parties working together," says Charlie Coates.

"Job well done, Mr. President.. I salute you," says Karen Parks.

"He has been giving this same speech for 4 years. Nothing has changed for the better. Actually things are worse," says Cindy McKenzie.

"That speech was quite good! He laid out some strong points and made it very clear that he needs congress/senate to work with him in order to make the changes this country desperately needs," says Marie Tuggy.