On the heels of a major announcement of 5,000 new jobs, President Barack Obama arrived in Chattanooga Tuesday afternoon in Chattanooga for his "A Better Bargain for the Middle Class," a series of speeches where the President outlined his plan for re-building the economy, and focusing on the middle class of America. 

3:23pm - @JonquilNewland3 Fronts wheel off the ground, back wheels off the ground and the President is off. Thanks for visiting Chattanooga.

3:21pm - @CallieStarnes and @GGlover3 The president's trip lasted about 3 hours, but it was a very busy 3 hours.

3:20pm - @JonquilNewland3 Air Force One is on the runway at the Chattanooga Airport ready to depart and take off.

3:18pm - @CallieStarnes about 2,000 people were inside of the Amazon to hear President Obama's speech.

3:17pm - @JonquilNewland3 Now I am told the technology is state of the art on Air Force One and  President Obama would be able to run everything from Air Force One if he had too. Air Force One is one of two planes that can function this.. 

3:16pm - @JonquilNewland3 Most of his press and safe are entering onto the rear of Air Force One. The door is now closed and they will be raising the stairs in just a couple of moments.

3:15pm - @JonquilNewland3 President Obama has entered into Air Force One after giving a final wave to people and onlookers at Chattanooga Airport.

3:13pm - @JonquilNewland3 All of President Obama's media team are taking just a couple of minutes to say hello and take pictures and shaking hands to the people saying goodbye and wishing him safe travels from The Scenic City.

3:11pm - @JonquilNewland3 President is arriving at the Chattanooga airport along with Beast 1 and Beast 2. Now in the back of the second motorcade I see Mayor Berke and President Obama.

3:08pm - @KimberlyWRCB They did have I-75 southbound closed for about 15 minutes but I-75 Northbound was still open. Traffic has picked back up on both sides of the interstate and is backed up.

3:06pm - @KimberlyWRCB - The presidents motorcade just went by Hamilton Place Mall very quickly and he is headed to the airport. So you can get your goodbye there.

3:05pm - Robin Smith tweeted Understatement of the POTUS in Chattanooga "He was in campaign mode...very comfortable." And that is different from any other day how? Need a leader.

3:04pm - @CallieStarnes and @GGlover3 Awaiting the departure of the motorcade

3:00pm - @GGlover3 The limo costs anywhere from $300,000 to 1.5M.

2:58pm - Kristin Ware tweeted Though I don't personally care for President Obama I do respect the office of president & wish him safe travel. Thanks for coming.

2:53pm - @JonquilNewland3 Air Force One was refueled and ready to go, but an interesting fact is that Air Force One is capable of refueling in midair if it has to.

2:52pm - @KimberlyWRCB The onlookers are gone and they saw what they wanted to see.

2:50pm - @MattBarbourWRCB Police have shut down Lee Highway and are redirecting traffic for the presidents motorcade 

2:50pm - Angela Parsley tweeted Just saw Air Force one, daughter says, ok if it were me I would save money by first getting a smaller airplane. Love it!

2:48pm - @CallieStarnes and @DanOKennedy Motorcade is moving on its way back to the airport. There are at least three routes that President Obama can take to get back to the airport. 

2:45pm - @CallieStarnes From Rep. Chuck Fleishmann "until he does more than give a speech on these issues I'll remain in the ‘believe it when I see it' category."

2:41pm - @CindySexton3 and @DavidCarroll He wants to grow the middle clas s. He had the crowd in the palm of his hands and it came across.

2:40pm - @DavidCarroll3 and @CindySexton3 President talked about exporting more American goods and rebuilding and expanding Highway 27, but no mention of Chickamauga.

2:38pm - @CallieStarnes Secret Service escorting Obama from stage. Former Congressman Zach Wamp & son Weston Wamp get a handshake on way out. 

2:38pm - Walker Ferrell tweeted Obama policies have done more to create perpetual poverty in U.S. than almost any other modern administration.

2:35pm - @DavidCarroll3 and @CindySexton3 interviewed an unemployed audience member who had this to say about the economy- "None of the Republican representatives showed up here to hear what President Obama had to say. By not showing up shows they are not willing to work with him.

2:30pm President Obama - "This isn't what I'm going to focus on just for the next few months; this is what I'm going to focus on for every one of the 1,270 days left in my presidency.  Because this is where I believe America needs to go.We can do all this if we work together. God Bless the United States of America".

2:29pm President Obama - "What we need is a serious, steady, long-term American strategy that reverses the long erosion of middle class security and gives everyone a fair shot to get ahead.  More good jobs that pay decent wages.  A better bargain for the middle class.  An economy that grows from the middle-out".

2:28pm President Obama - "There are no simple tricks to growing the economy".

2:27pm President Obama - "Gutting investments in things like education and energy isn't a jobs plan. Putting all your eggs in the basket of an oil pipeline that may only create about 50 permanent jobs, and wasting the country's time by taking something like 40 meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare isn't a jobs plan".

2:25pm President Obama - "I want to use some of the money we save by closing some of these loop holes by creating more construction jobs. All of these things would benefit the middle class and benefit our economy in the future".

2:23pm President Obama - "I'm willing to simplify our tax code in a way that closes those loopholes, ends incentives to ship jobs overseas, and lowers rates for businesses that create jobs right here in America".

2:22pm President Obama -"The point is, if Washington spent as much time and energy these past two years figuring out how to grow the economy and the middle class as it spent manufacturing crises in pursuit of a cut-at-all-costs approach to deficits, we'd be much better off".

2:19pm President Obama - "And because no one who works full-time in America should have to live in poverty, I will fight to raise a minimum wage that in real terms is lower than it was when Ronald Reagan took office".

2:17pm President Obama - "I've also called on our businesses to do more for their workers.  A good example is what you're doing at Amazon with your Career Choice Program".

2:16pm President Obama - "Today I'm directing my Cabinet to expand these efforts, and this October, I'll bring business leaders from around the world, and connect them with state and local leaders who are ready to prove there's no better place to do business than right here in America".

2:15pm President Obama - "We have to export more. I'm asking Congress for the authority to negotiate the best trade deals possible for our workers along with robust training and assistance measures to make sure our workers have the support and skills they need for good jobs".

2:13pm President Obama - "We need modern schools to prepare our kids for the jobs of tomorrow".

2:11pm President Obama - "Let's put more construction workers back on the job doing the work America needs done". America needs done vital projects our businesses need, like widening Route 27 here in Chattanooga".

2:10pm President Obama - "Let's offer new tax incentives for manufacturers that bring jobs back to America, and new tax credits so communities hit hardest by plant closures can attract new investment".

2:09pm President Obama - "Over the past four years, for the first time since the 1990s, the number of manufacturing jobs hasn't gone down; it's gone up".

2:08pm President Obama - "Doing nothing doesn't help the middle class".

2:06pm President Obama- "A job is a source of pride and a source of community. It's how you take care of your family. It's more than a paycheck".

2:05pm. President Obama- "A good job with good wages. A good education. A home to call your own.  Affordable health care that's there for you when you get sick".   

2:04pm President Obama- "That's why I am visiting cities and towns like this to lay out my ideas for how we can build on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class in America".

2:03pm President Obama - "Thanks to the grit and resilience of the American people, we've cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis, and begun to lay a new foundation for stronger, more durable America".

2:01pm President Obama - "This year, we are off to our best private-sector job growth since 1999.  We now sell more products made in America to the rest of the world than ever before.

2:00pm - President Obama - "I laid out last week, a national strategy what we need to do as a country to secure a better bargain for the middle class to make sure everyone who works hard has a chance to succeed".

2:00pm - President Obama - "Thank you, Lydia, for that introduction. It's the size of 28 football fields".

1:56pm - President Obama is at the podium at the Amazon

1:54pm - Amazon employee at podium to introduce the President.

1:44pm @CallieStarners Big speech is suppose to happen at 2 p.m. We have media from all over the state. A lot of people are getting a firsthand look at the Amazon.

1:41pm - @DavidCarroll3 The presidential seal has been revealed, the teleprompter . is ready and the scene is set for President Obama. So in about 20 or 25 minutes we should be hearing something.

1:40pm -  President Obama is touring the Amazon plant.

1:37pm - @DavidCarroll3 This is President Obama's second stop on his "Better Bargain for the Middle Class" tour.

1:35pm - @CindySexton3 Former President George W. Bush made an unannounced trip to Porkers BBQ when he visited Chattanooga in 2007.

1:31pm - @DavidCarroll3 speaking with Chattanooga resident - "This is about the office of the president, not about Democrat or Republic. It;s about celebrating our president. We are happy he picked out facility to visit".

1:30pm - @Derrall Sen. Bob Corker on missing the POTUS in Chattanooga: "I hated for the president to come to my hometown and not accompany him...

1:24pm - @CindySexton3 and DavidCarroll3 Presidential seal just added to podium.

1:21pm - Mayor Andy Berke tweets we are ready to hear from the President of the United States about strengthening the middle class.

1:17pm - @DanOKennedy Supporters gather outside Enterprise South entrance on Bonny Oaks Drive.

1:17pm - @AntwanHarris Secret Service and Chattanooga Police everywhere. They see everything you don't.

1:17pm - Amazon employee Lydia Flanders will be introducing the POTUS today.

1:17pm - Brittany Greene tweeted I was about a football field away from President Obama's motorcade here on HWY 153. Pretty awesome.

1:15pm - @CallieStarnes Amazon VP greeting crowd as President Obama tours the fulfillment center.

1:14pm - @DavidCaroll3 Amazon workers cheering one of their own, Sara Henegar, who sang the National Anthem so well.

1:14pm - Jona Pritt tweeted Hearing the National Anthem always gives me goose bumps. In a good way, of course.

1:13pm - @KimberlyWRCB People stopped I-75 & Hamilton Place Blvd saw President Obama's motorcade en route to Amazon

1:11pm - @KarenHinkle Excitement building Amazon. Pledge of Allegiance. Now National Anthem.

1:11pm - Chris Anderson tweeted POTUS is in the building!

1:10pm - Josh Deitrick tweeted not an Obama fan but still proud to have him in Chattanooga.

1:07pm - Maria Riojas tweeted Wishing I was an Amazon employee today. Sad I won't get to see.

1:06pm - Libby Grammer tweeted Radio tells me President Obama is hanging w/ our mayor inhis motorcade heading down Lee Highway. Awesome.

1:02pm - Natasha Dover tweeted, how is President Obama planning on helping families whose hours are being reduced due to Obamacare? I hope he helps us.

12:58pm - @CindySexton3 The President is here at Amazon. We're told he's touring the facility while we wait near podium.

12:58pm - @MattBarbourWRCB Protesters, Chattanooga Tea Pary holding 'formal' protest program now.

12:57pm Darrin Wall tweeted The president just went by my office.

12:55pm Katelyn Huffstutler tweeted Despite how I feel towards our president, I am still very excited that someone of his power is here!

12:50pm - Michael Collins tweeted Obama to propose "grand bargain for the middle class" while in Chattanooga, says press pool report from Air Force One.

12:50pm - Cole Walker tweeted Can't believe the president is here. Glad he gets to see what makes Chattanooga so unique.

12:45pm - Steven Griffis tweeted At least everyone is united in their anticipation in seeing arguably the most important and certainly powerful man in the world.

12:44pm - Motorcade just passed the mall.

12:42pm - Natalie Greene tweeted Definitely just jogged outside just in time to see the motorcade go down Lee Highway!

12:42pm - Presidential motorcade headed down Lee Highway

12:39pm - Allison Hoffer tweeted Today is very exciting no matter what your political preference is! Our nation's leader is in town.

12:38pm -Mayor Andy Berke is headed to Amazon and is in The Beast with President Obama.

12:36pm - Becca Mosser tweeted "I don't care who you are, THIS is amazing" on POTUS visit.

12:33pm - @JonquilNewland3 President Obama has just entered "The Beast" and is headed to the Amazon.

12:31pm - In View Graphics tweeted Members of the Air Force and Obama administration are exiting the infamous Air Force One.

12:30pm - Joe Dodd tweeted "The Eagle" has landed.

12:26pm - @Britt_Nicholson Police just blocked off the entrance to Enterprise South. Not sure what that means at the moment.

12:25pm - Blair Patterson tweeted Air Force one just flew right over me in traffic. He's here guys.

12:25pm - Pat Benson tweeted I just saw Air Force One fly by my house.

12:24pm - @CindySexton3 Air Force One has touched down.

12:22pm - Air Force One is now making the wind-down to reduce altitude and approach Lovell Field. Clearance given for runway 2.

12:20pm - Matthew Guy tweeted Obama using Amazon as platform for jobs/economic recovery talk. Will he mention the massive tax breaks Chattanooga gave them?

12:16pm - Phillip Lawson tweeted Air Force One five miles East of Chattanooga.

12:13pm - Fit For Queen boutique tweeted we will be able to see the Presidents motorcade from our boutique's back door on its way to Amazon fulfillment center

12:09pm - The POTUS appears to be going to Amazon using the entrance to Volkswagen plant off I-75, has banned protesters near route.

12:09pm - Doug Strickland tweeted the view from the press risers at Amazon's sorting facility. Waiting for POTUS to arrive.

12:06pm - Several cars are lined up by the airport to get a glimpse of President Obama.

12:02pm - There is an estimate of about 300 demonstrators at Tea Party rally on Lee Highway.

12:00pm - @AntwanHarris Packed house here at Amazon.

11:59am - In View Graphics tweeted it is only 30 minutes until our President arrives.

11:58am - Carly Harrington tweeted she's inside The Amazon and the stage and growing crowd are awaiting.

11:56am - WJTT Power 94 tweeted Supporters wait for President Obama to arrive.

11:48am - Tennesseans Against Government Growth tweeted great to see President Obama visiting the Scenic City. Awesome for Chattanooga to get the national exposure.

11:46am - Chad Henderson tweeted that he and a friend have front row seats to President Obama's speech.

11:41am - @Britt_Nicholson Signs at the roundabout. My favorite reads "See Barack City".

11:39am - Elizabeth Dallas tweeted she is eagerly awaiting President Obama's visit.

11:38am - @DanOKennedy Supporters line entrance to Amazon.

11:34am - @Britt_Nicholson Obama supporters lined up right below Amazon plant.

11:32am - @JonquilNewland3 Andy Berke joins press and staff at airport terminal.

11:30am - In View Graphics tweeted T-DOT blackout is now in effect

11:29am - In View Graphics tweeted the President will be arriving around 12:30 p.m. in the Air Force One.

11:19am - Chattanooga Tea Party members are gathering near the airport to voice the opinion to President Obama.

11:17am - @JonquilNewland3 Staff and press waiting to get onto Tarmac to greet Air Force One. 

11:10am - Ashley Croft tweeted there is a growing line of cars to get into Enterprise South, with them lining the roadway.

11:08am - @DavidCarroll President Obama, life size likeness version with young fans at Amazon.

10:58am - @WRCB Marine One has left the White House, press pool boarding Air Force One; all bound for Chattanooga.

10:57am - @KimberlyWRCB Sticky Fingers catering the President's visit at Amazon. Just delivered 700 BBQ sandwiches, sides of cole slaw and chips.

10:48am - @MattBarbourWRCB Protesters to hold 'formal' event at noon. Organizers setting up now.

10:30am - The White House tweeted Chattanooga Mayor: "The President's plan ignites a needed discussion on how we...create new ladders of opportunity."

10:13am - @DanOKennedy Ham Co. EMS Chief Ken Wilkerson helping in motorcade. Locally, he's covered for Cheney 3x, Bush twice, Bush Sr. and Reagan

10:05am - @AntwanHarris Hundreds of Amazon employees in line for President Obama's visit to Chattanooga.

9:57am - @DanOKennedy Handlers guide K-9s through nearby woods, bushes, buildings. President Obama lands in 2.5 hours

9:50am - @DanOKennedy Entourage of local police arrive on motorcycles. Entering Tarmac now.