Ben Friberg is the current world record holder for the most distance covered on a standup up paddle board or SUP.

He paddled 238 miles in 24 hours on the Yukon River last summer. On Sunday he has his eyes set on a new world record, to paddle non stop from Cuba to Key West.

"I paddled from the Hiwassee to Chattanooga in a day. It's just something I decided to do, and it worked out perfect. Then I started thinking of other places I could go for big distance," Friberg told Channel 3 last July. "If I hadn't hit a head wind I could have gone over 250, but I couldn't be happier. Now I've got my eyes on something that involves open-ocean stuff, and it's something that hasn't been done yet on a SUP. So we just need to get a few permissions."

Friberg got permission and is currently paddling the Straights of Florida in the Gulf Coast, 90 miles of open ocean. His web site,, keeps track of his progress with GPS.  

It could take Friberg anywhere from 17 to 40 hours to complete his journey, depending on weather conditions, but it's nothing he isn't used to already.

"You're standing for 24 hours which can seem a little bit daunting, but even that maybe you just go a little numb or a little crazy after 12 or 13 hours," Friberg jokes.