LANCASTER CO, PA (WGAL) -- It's not common for young women to get breast cancer.

That however is not the case with 21-year-old Tiffany Frantz of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The young woman has undergone a mastectomy to remove the bad cells, but now she wonders if the cancer may have been caused by her cell phone.

Like many women, Tiffany stored her cell phone inside her bra.

She says it was convenient and made it easier to hear it ring or feel it vibrate.

At least one doctor believes Tiffany may be on to something.

Cancer specialist Dr. Randall Oyer says this is the second time he has treated a woman with breast cancer who kept her phone in her bra.

A breast cancer surgeon in California, Dr. John West, is collecting data on the possible connection between cellphones and breast cancer.

Cellphone makers warn users to keep phones a couple of inches from their body.