Animal activist are concerned about the recent trend of dogs and cats dropped off at the local shelter in Cleveland. 

Some believe the hike in numbers could have something to do with a big change that was recently made. Effective July 1st,  the animal control contract between the city and Bradley County didn't renew. 

Several community members say they are confused on who to call if they find a stray or if they can no longer take care of their pet.   

"This change could result in more animals being left on the street that will eventually end up at the shelter," says Beth Faucher with the Cleveland No Kill City non-profit.

"The more animals that they can get out of the shelter the less euthanization they will have to do," says Nicole Faucher.

Cleveland Animal Control euthinized eight dogs last month to keep the kennels from overcrowding

"People who think the county commissioner should reconsider should contact him directly," says Foster.

The Cleveland Police Department is accepting comments or concerns surrounding animal control. 

Their number is 423-559-33765 and ask for Captain Dennis Maddux his email is