During the summer months most teenagers are usually hanging with friends or participating in extracurricular activities.

But some local teens have been learning a few skills while earning some extra cash.

Chattanooga's Youth and Family Development Department's primary focus is to educate and help children with leadership skills. And this summer they have given teens 13 and up jobs to help them reach their goals.

"Prevention and youth development how may I help you," said Rauelle Kelly, Teen employee.

Rauelle Kelly isn't your ordinary secretary. She's a 14-year-old student that attends the Center for Creative Arts.

Since the beginning of the summer Rauelle has been the office assistant for the Prevention and Youth Development Center. She is one of 30 teenagers who are contracted by the city, Rauelle says she's picked up a lot of skills.

"It has given me a lot of office skills, answering the phone typing and knowing how to be professional," said Kelly.

"There spread out pretty good. They're doing an excellent job in assisting our regular staff in carrying out our vision and our mission for the youth and family in our vision in our city," Larone Jennings, Youth and Family Development.

Larone Jennings is the administrator of the city's Youth and Family Development Department. He says that helping students with summer jobs is in line with the mayor's plan to curb youth violence.

"We realize the importance of education and that's a real strong thrust of Mayor Berke. And our department and leadership training," said Jennings.

Jennings says their department has several programs to keep teens off the street and it's good preparation.

"They get you ready for the real world. They keep you occupied so you aren't sitting in the house bored," said Morgan Cantrell, Teen employee.

Rising Notre Dame junior Morgan Cantrell started out as a teen contracted employee and advanced to a full time teen employee. She says she is really excited about one thing!

"You make money too! That's the good part," said Cantrell.

And Jennings says teens learn much more!

"How they care about themselves, their family and their fellow man. So they can use what they've been blessed with to give back to the rest of the community," said Jennings.

The city of Chattanooga's Youth and Family Development Department offers several programs for teens throughout the year.

If you are interested in getting your teens involved or being a mentor feel free to contact them.