(KJRH) - An Oklahoma burglar is behind bars after butt-dialing the police in the middle of a break-in.

"Never have I seen or heard of anything like this," said Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns.

Kerns, an 11-year law enforcement veteran, watched as what he calls, "one of the world's dumbest criminals," landed himself behind bars.

On Friday, Kerns says two men burglarized a home on the outskirts of McAlester.

They escaped with money, jewelry, and at least one gun. Shortly after the burglary however, the phone rang inside McAlester's 911 dispatch center.

The dispatcher transferred the call to investigators, who Kerns says listened in as the thieves described the burglary and what they stole.

Investigators traced the location of the cell phone and found the alleged thieves at a nearby pawn shop.

Deputies arrested 23-year-old Payton Seth Brewer, however a second man ran from the scene and is still on the loose.

Kerns is confident the second man will be caught, but right now he is trying to wrap his head around the 911 phone call.

"I just can't understand why you would have that in your phone, close to where you would automatically dial that number," he said.

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