Marion County's flash flood caused a rock slide on I-24 westbound toward Monteagle. State crews say it's takes special equipment they don't have, so it won't be cleared up until next week.

"Just was holding my breathe," driver Liz Herbert said.

Out of town drivers say the aftermath of the rockslide is a scary sight while traveling through the Tennessee mountains and are thankful the large rocks and trees didn't hurt anyone when they came tumbling down around midnight Thursday.

"It's scary, but it happens because it's in the mountains and they should put nets up like they used to," Herbert said.

"They had gotten three to four inches of rain in a very short period of time so a lot of times that's our biggest enemy there is the rain," TDOT Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn said.

The debris landed in the far left lane of I-24 west around mile marker 139. TDOT crews were able to move it all onto the shoulder, but not clear it out.

"There were several rocks and some trees and dirt, just general debris that falls from a slope and so that's what happened and they said there were some large rocks, which that's why we have to hire somebody to break up the rocks," Flynn said.

They've hired the company Highway Inc. to come in Monday and break the boulders into small pieces and then TDOT crews will haul it off.

I-24 will be down to two lanes Monday 9am - 3pm as you're heading west toward the Monteagle exit.