ATLANTA (WXIA) - There was danger, heroism and a life saved, all on the MARTA tracks Monday afternoon.

A man fell onto the tracks at the Five Points Station in Downtown Atlanta, just as a train was approaching.

MARTA surveillance video shows many bystanders rushing in to help save the man.

And they did save him.

"I heard the screaming," said MARTA Police Officer Deonte Robinson Tuesday. He was one floor above the platform, and ran down the escalator, "and I see a patron on the tracks, and at the same time I see a train approaching."

As Officer Robinson ran toward the edge of the platform, he was calling on his radio for the power to be shut off, to prevent Hunter from being electrocuted by the third rail, and to stop the on-coming train.

Then Robinson jumped onto the tracks to get Hunter out, before he knew if the power was off.

"I didn't know when I came down if the power had been cut or not. I just saw a patron in distress" and he jumped onto the tracks, instinctively knowing how to avoid contact with that third rail.

The man is Kenneth Hunter, 50, of Decatur.

Hunter spoke of how grateful he is to all those total strangers who risked their lives to save his, but he struggled to put into words the story that the surveillance video does not show.

"I don't know how I slipped, but I fell, there," Hunter said.

Hunter was deeply apologetic, and grateful.

He is a retired Army Major, a veteran of the first war in Iraq.

He'd had an unexpected, bad reaction to prescription pain pills on that MARTA platform, "and had me kind of, like, intoxicated."

Army Major Kenneth Hunter (Ret.) is ready to face a judge about what made him lose his balance Monday afternoon and fall onto those tracks.

But he wanted to say thank you to Officer Robinson, and to all the others who didn't know they were risking their lives for a troubled man who once risked his, for theirs.

"They took care of me, I'm alive, now.... They came in there and took care of everything, and I'm grateful."

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