With the week of non-stop work behind them, the Steps2Hope volunteers got a chance to catch their breath, and enjoy the ceremony of handing the keys off to Andrew and Tori Smith Thursday, on July 4th.

The home for the injured U.S. Army Specialist Smith sprung from the ground in a week, with the tireless efforts on nearly a thousand volunteers from Steps2Hope.

Smith lost both legs when he stepped on an IED, while on patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Steps2Hope is the brainchild of Mark Wilson, who's son David was injured in a EF4 tornado. David's legs were crushed from the building that was destroyed around him.

WATCH LIVE | Steps2Hope build webcam powered by EPB

The Apison home was built by volunteers and donated supplies, with special touches such as a single-floor plan, a walk-in shower and a shooting range for Andrew.

On Thursday, July 4th, the keys to the home were given to the Smiths, which fanfare from the very people who helped build the home.

The two were dropped off at the event win a limo, and welcome by several hundred people.

Mark Wilson announced that donations from several furniture companies in town, cleaning services, and home insurance were also donated to the Smiths to get them started.

Tom and Jymea Layne own Alpha and Omega Cleaning Company. They've offered to clean the couple's home once a week for free. And they promise to do it forever.

"For as long as I am alive and I have four daughters that will continue on so it's as often as they need it. Whatever Tori and Andrew need," Jymea said. "That's so little for us to give because they gave so much. They gave so much."

Zach Wamp joined hundreds of other supporters Thursday as Andrew and Tori got the keys to their new home.

"I wept and anybody would that has a heart for this country and a heart for marriage," he said. "To hear her talk about what her husband means to her... That's what America is all about man."

Retired four-star General B.B. Bell, there for the event, said "God bless you all for what you've done for this young man and his bride."