UPDATE:  Christopher Carter Todd, former owner of Chatt Town Scooters was arrested for possession of Meth for resale. Todd scammed people out of hundreds of dollars in 2013 at his scooter shop. 

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office website Todd is being held on $20,000 bond and is schedule to appear in court on February 4th. 

Sources told Channel 3, Todd is also a former Brainerd High School teacher. He left Brainerd in the fall of 2012. ?

PREVIOUS STORY: Customers of a Chattanooga scooter shop say they were scammed.

The man they paid hundreds of dollars to is out of business and they say now they're left with stripped down shells of scooters they're unable to ride. They're trying to join forces to file a class action lawsuit against the owner.

Owner Carter Todd opened Chatt Town Scooters in 2008. He's moved locations a couple times since then. He most recently closed up shop across from Coolidge Park, but several customers say he didn't warn them he was closing, didn't do the repairs they'd paid for, and returned the scooters in worse condition.

A couple of abandoned scooters are all that's left of Chatt Town Scooters on River Street across from Coolidge Park.

"Text after text, call after call, just unanswered, and now he's out of business," Chatt Town Scooters customer Mark McCormack said.

Multiple customers say they paid to have their scooters repaired there several months ago.

"We were just always put off by some little excuse," Chatt Town Scooters customer Collene Perry said.

Now they've discovered the shop isn't even there anymore, and what's left of their scooters is sitting in the gravel parking lot.

Collene Perry says it was supposed to be her son's birthday present.

"This is how we got it, completely stripped of every usable part, the seats, the windshield, everything that makes this bike run is gone," Perry said.

McCormack says he traded in his old scooter and $900 for a new customized one, but says Todd donated his old one to a charity auction and gave him a 2011 model in return, without several key parts, including the keys.

"I took it to him in good faith, and this is what I get in return," McCormack said.

"Last week we saw a moving van and then there was nobody else and they just left, no sign, no anything saying 'oh yeah, by the way, we're moving,'" Thrive café manager David Snyder said.

Neighboring businesses say a lot of people have come by looking for owner Carter Todd but can't seem to track him down. Channel 3 called both his work number and cell phone number but only received automated messages saying he wasn't accepting calls.

Channel 3 talked to the building's owner, Joe Degaetano; he says Todd was on a month by month lease, and he asked him to leave toward the end of June because he was getting complaints from his other tenants of loud noises and bad smells from the repair shop.

Several customers are trying to join forces to file a class action lawsuit against Chatt Town Scooters.

"My hope is that he won't be able to open another shop and do this to a lot more people," Perry said.

Chatt Town Scooters is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says it is investigating complaints against Chatt Town Scooters.