Area organizations rushed to help victims displaced by the Patten Towers fire. But as time moves forward, the cost goes up.

"We don't budget disaster needs, we don't know when a disaster will happen," Kimberly George with the Salvation Army says.

Channel 3 did the math. The Salvation Army's expenses are somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 and PK Management wrote a check for $7,000.

The Red Cross has shelled out $45,000 and received a $10,000 donation.

Metro ministries, Goodwill and the Chattanooga Food Bank have spent a total of about $21,000 combined.

Goodwill and the Food Bank both received $2,500 donations from PK Management. Metro Ministries hasn't received a dime.

"As much as we want to continue to try and help these folks, we have to ensure that we are prepared for the next event that could be a natural disaster," Greg Waite with the American Red Cross says. 

The local chapter of the American Red Cross has spent the most money throughout this crisis and while donations are low during summer months, the agency is feeling the heat.

"$45,000 is just over a fourth of my entire disaster budget for a 12-month period, so it absolutely will put a crunch on my budget," says Waite.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Red Cross has provided 830 overnight stays, more than 13,000 meals, 874 medical assessments and just under a thousand hygiene kits. That's just to name a few.

"At no point are the residents at fault for this," says Waite.

The Salvation Army is also feeling the pinch, but is relying on a higher power to get them through it.     

"We have faith that God's going to provide those needs, whether that's from PK Management or from the community," George says.