A single vehicle car wreck claimed the life of a teenage boy and hurt two others over the weekend.

Georgia State Patrol responded to the wreck shortly before 3:00 p.m. Saturday. It happened in the 500 block of Chamberlain Road in Lafayette.

Joshua Jackson,17, died at the scene. His longtime girlfriend Caitlin Keith, 17, is still in the hospital, but she's expected to be ok. Josh's cousin, Austin Goodman has since been released from the hospital.

The Lafayette community is still trying to grasp the fact that Josh's life was taken far too soon.

Becca Carico looked on to the place where Josh lost his life. She said she's known him since he was five years old.

"When I heard about it last night, I thought about him all night. I just wanted to ride out to honor his memory," Carico said.

Those who spoke to Channel 3 described Josh as an outgoing teen who loved the outdoors, his friends, and especially his girlfriend, Caitlin.

"We was really close; we really was. The last thing I told him was be careful and I loved him. I just wish we could have spent more time together before something like this happened," said Zackary Jones, who has been friends with Josh since they were kids.

Jones said his heart goes out to Josh's family.

"Being the only child that he is, I couldn't imagine what his mom is going through," he said.

It's a heartbreak that's felt all around Lafayette.

"For a small community like this to lose someone, especially right after school is out, summer is starting, you know it's just tragic," said Carico.

For now, flowers remain in the spot where Josh's friends said it will be difficult to pass by for a long time to come.

Police tell us the accident is still under investigation.