Major John McCullough watches with pride as Rhea County officials honor our nation's fallen heroes Monday in a special Memorial Day service.

"Brings tears to your eyes cause you lose a comrade," McCullough says.

Veterans and their families placed wreaths at the war memorial in front of the courthouse.

"Freedom is not free, somebody has to serve and die," says McCullough.

McCullough served in the Korean and Vietnam War. He retired in 1974 after serving 23 years. He lost two comrades while in battle, he says it didn't matter what color they were his units were more like brothers.

"His blood is red just like mine," he says.

Decades later the relationship between comrades is still strong.

Jack Morgan served 40 years in the Army and Air force.

"Just hoping to copy my Grand Pappi," Morgan says. "He fought in the Civil War."

Morgan is 90-years-old; while serving our country he spent 20 years in the air. He says its where he belongs.

"I love it," he says.

At the end of the ceremony members of the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts retired an American Flag by throwing pieces of it into a fire and saluting.