(NBC) - It's quicker than a drive thru and for three bucks it's arguably cheaper too.

Pop in a dollar bill and a hot, gourmet meal is delivered in minutes.

You can choose from vegetarian meatballs to sweet potatoes, sausage, chicken and even steak stir fry.

Chef Shawn Loving from Schoolcraft Community College says it's the only one of its kind in the country and you can find it right here on their Livonia Campus.

Shawn Loving, chef says, "What a great way for us to have a vending opportunity where next to it would be your not-so-good foods like Cheetos and Doritos and things in the vending machines, but with respect to be able to show students how to package for retail applications, which is very popular today. And then be able to show them how to still concentrate on the food groups."  

And with no preservatives added, the shelf life of these meals will shock you.

Shawn Loving, chef, "They last 4-6 months, easily. Because the actual kryo-vacing process, how it's sealed. It's sealed in an air vacuumed tight construction." 

Once you pick your meal the vending machine will indicate what microwave to put it in.

Press the green light and it automatically knows how long to cook it for.

But does it taste as good as it smells?  

This machine went into service in mid-February and new ones are expected to start popping up in new locations soon.