CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A man holds a Chattanooga couple at gunpoint, taking their car, and leaving them on the roadside. Now police are trying to find who is responsible.

It happened in front of a business in the southeast Chattanooga area. The couple was carjacked on Wilson Road and only about a half of a mile away, the car was ditched on East 48th Street.

A man who helped the couple says they were very shaken up.

"The lady was quite distraught," says Bryan Waldron.

Waldron works at Heatec off Wilson Road. Around 9:30 Thursday morning some of his co-workers noticed a crowd of men in the road trying to wave down cars, when one of them forced a couple in their car to stop.

"He had drawn the weapon and was pointing it at them to stop, and for the driver to get out and lay face down on the ground," says Waldron.

The couple immediately jumped out.

"The lady that was in the car, just got out on her own at that point, which was the best choice," he says.

It was then the man took off in their car down Wilson, but he did not get very far. It was only about a half a mile away in Emma Wheeler Homes where the driver ditched the car. Witnesses say it had a flat tire.

"It's kind of scary to me, because anything could happen," says Jacqueline Norwood.

People living in Emma Wheeler say police immediately swarmed the area, but the man had already run away.

"I think that's a shame," says James Talley.

Talley lives at the corner of Wilson and East 52nd, across from where the car was taken.

"For something like that to happen, it just shows that people are just, don't have any respect anymore and the love just isn't there anymore."

Back at Heatec, Waldron and police hoped the company's surveillance cameras captured the crime.

"We looked back at the footage that was recorded and there was nothing that was in any way, form or fashion that helped us with that," says Waldron.

He and others are just glad the couple was not hurt.

"We were glad to be of assistance and tried to comfort the lady and the fella," says Waldron.

"Next time it might not end up with them just taking the car. A death could have been involved," says Talley.

The carjacker managed to get away with the couple's purse and wallet.

If you have any information that can help solve this crime, call the Chattanooga Police Department at 698-2525.