(WRCB) -- "IronMan 3" gave Chattanooga a spot in the limelight with the movie's recent release, but it's not all positive.

TechNewsDaily reports that officials have a bone to pick with the movie, where the primary character Tony Stark (played by actor Robert Downey Jr.) is plagued with a slow network connection.

The premise flies in the face of one of the area's technology calling cards, EPB's highs-speed fiber optic networking, with speeds up to one gigabit-per-second.

For the non-technically inclined, that's fast. Typical broadband speeds range from 5-40 megabits-per-second, depending on the carrier.

But back to the issue: Chattanooga isn't a technology backwater. Piggy-backed on the EPB networking have been high-tech events like the Gig Tank, a competition for online entrepreneurs to compete with applications designed to take advantage of Chattanooga's high-speed connectivity.

There's also the Geek Move program where the city will help "professional geeks" move into the city, with mortgage bonuses and relocation expenses.

In fact, Chattanooga had the highest speed internet in the United States before the Google fiber-towns were selected and supported by the internet giant.

Current Google Fiber cities include Provo, UT, Austin, TX and Kansas City. MO.