MURRAY COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) - A north Georgia mom contacted Channel 3, after her three-year-old daughter ends up in the emergency room. She says rundown playground equipment is to blame.

The Chatsworth mother says her daughter was running on a swing bridge and fell through a large gap, injuring her arm. She tells Channel 3 she wants to make sure no other children are hurt the same way.

Beth Osborne says she notified the city and county recreation department of her daughter's accident. She did not file a formal complaint. She just wanted the rundown playground equipment repaired.

"It's just in very deplorable conditions. It's horrible," says Osborne

Beth Osborne contacted 3 On Your Side after her three-year-old daughter Zaylee hurt herself on a Chatsworth public playground.

"I was watching her very closely, and I just saw her go straight through this gap, between the bridge and the platform, to the ground. She, of course, immediately started screaming."

Osborne rushed Zaylee to the hospital for X-rays, to discover she had a sprained wrist.

"I was furious. She could have broken her neck, gotten paralyzed or even killed."

Osborne took a closer look at the equipment. New boards had been nailed on old, rotten wood. She then took notice of the other playground in the park with broken and cracked slides and tunnels. She went straight to city and county leaders to complain.

"We went out that same day and determined some safety issues," says Tommy Parker.

We sat down with interim Murray County manager Tommy Parker for answers.

"We closed it. We roped it off and we have contacted two manufacturers since then to come and look at replacing or repairing that equipment," he says.

When we stopped by the playground with the cracked slides, the caution tape had been torn down. And it was only after our interview with Osborne, a maintenance employee taped off the bridge where Zaylee was hurt.

"We have thousands of kids that come through our rec centers and of course, safety is paramount," says Parker.

"I'm not trying to take away these kids' only place to play. I'm only trying to make sure that this does not happen to another child or parent," says Osborne.

As for Zaylee, she is bouncing back.

The maintenance worker tells Channel 3 they have had problems with teens and younger kids vandalizing the equipment. He says the one playground with cracked slides is coming down on Friday and the other will either be repaired or replaced.