(NBC) - "We don't want clothes. You guys don't know how to shop for clothes for us."

"How about no tools. No mother wants any tools."

 May 12th is the day to celebrate the mothers in your life this year.

And we want to make sure you make them feel loved after all they did have you.

"We don't want to do any chores, we want to be completely alone and don't want our children at home."

 So, we took to the streets to ask real moms what shouldn't be given this Mother's Day. 

"Dead plants. I like live plants."

"Flowers, because they die so quickly."


 "I don't think appliances are a good idea."

 Okay so what should we give?

"Probably chocolate."

 "Some roses would have been nice."

"Peace and quiet is my kinda day."

 "Gift cards are great."

 "A book, and for them to go see Iron Man and leave mom at home."

 A sure bet no matter what? Plenty of pampering.

"They wanna be served, they would like to be appreciated."

Apparently you can't go wrong with a little r and r. 

 "A spa day would work."

"Massage or something like that."

"Treating them like the queen of the day that's what my mom would want."