One St. Jude doctor is more than just a physician, she has been in the same shoes as the children she is trying to save.

To say that Dr. Zsila Sadighi has a strong passion for her work at St. Jude is somewhat of an understatement.

"To work here you have to be called to do this, and you have to know you have a purpose, because all these patients have a purpose."

Dr. Sadighi is a Pediatric Neurologist treating patients like four-year-old Ingram who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year.

"He has a more aggressive form of brain tumor."

But the family got good news after the first post treatment scan.

"That scan was clear which proved all the treatment, amazing doctors come up with here, it worked," says Ingram's mom, Ashley.    

Dr. Sadighi knows first hand how difficult the road can be for families like those at St. Jude. She can not only see it in their eyes but feel it in her heart.

"I'm actually a brain tumor survivor myself, and so I just see hope in these kids and I have the patient perspective and know what it's like for the families to be their shoes and the incredible fear they have."

Dr. Sadighi was diagnosed with a brain tumor as a teenager.

"I just wish that my situation wasn't so emergent that I could have had the opportunity to come to a place like St. Jude where everything would have been provided for free," she says. "It absolutely changes the way I look at my job I have such a passion for it and a love for it."

That's why her work has become a mission to make a difference for families facing the most difficult journey of their lives, but St. Jude makes the walk just a bit easier. When patients walk through the doors the only thing they worry about is getting better: everything they need is under one roof.  

"Where we've got the bench work of lab research working hand in hand with clinicians and we can together provide the best treatment for the patient."  

Dr. Sadighi says doctors use every means to attack the tumor, and that life saving research is paying off. To date the survival rate for brain tumors has increased to 70 percent, but there is still work to be done, and Dr. Sadighi gets up everyday determined to make a difference.

"So we're trying to help them fulfill their purpose by getting them through this health crisis in their life."

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