Jason Payne says his online shopping habits are like most.

"I shop at least once a month I'm getting something off Amazon for the most part."

At times it's a last resort when major retailers just don't have what Payne is looking for.

"Walmart, they only have so much shelf space."

But online, the "shelf space" is almost infinite.

Payne says, "At amazon you have such a larger pool to pull from."

The large selection could come with a higher price tag.

All four senators in Georgia and Tennessee were on the winning side of the vote to require Internet sales tax for all states.

It's a bill lawmakers, like Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) say is past due.

"Well it is a tax that is owed. It is now just a matter of collecting it from people who aren't paying it."

Joey Howe manages Fast Break Athletics on the North Shore says it's time Washington leveled the playing field.

"Coming from a retailer perspective it does. It helps us drastically."

Americans spent $200 billion buying stuff online in 2012, and shoppers like Payne may soon have to dig a little deeper. 

"My perspective is probably like everyone else. Who wants to get taxed more? No one really does."

Under30ceo.com ranked Chattanooga as one of the top cities for small business in the U.S. Howe says the tax is a win-win.

"The tax you are paying is helping our community. It is helping out streets. It is helping our community grow, it helps our schools, education, everything."

The House will vote next on the measure.

Tennessee could collect more than $400 million a year in Internet sales tax if the measure passes.