HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- One of the primary routes from Chattanooga to Signal Mountain, the infamous W Road, is still under reconstruction.

The road was closed in early April, after the discovery of cracks in the roadway after a recent resurfacing.

Officials stated at the time they felt the cracks were the by-product of geological shifts below the road surface, which then became evident on the roadway and edges of the roadway.

The work underway is more than a resurfacing or facelift. The foundation of the road is being re-dug and set, as evidenced during today's media walk-through.

With the recent heavy rains that washed out a construction access road, and even more heavy rain expected this weekend, workers face some serious challenges. The steep inclines on the side of Signal Mountain make for precarious working conditions.

The road has nearly annual closures, stemming from heavy rains, which lead to rockslides, mudslides or complete washouts of the road.

When the W Road is closed, the only route up to Signal Mountain from Chattanooga is Signal Mountain Road. The closure taxes both the traffic and residents' patience.

If the work schedule stays on target, the road could be re-opened in mid-June.

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