EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) -- Jim Clinton shows our camera where he found Jerry Matthews' body under his porch Monday.

Clinton's son was in the backyard looking for a ladder when he noticed something out of place.

"He was looking for something and he seen him. He seen him right there. He ran in the house and said daddy that guy they are looking for. He is under our deck."

There is a small door on the side of the deck Clinton uses to reach a water hose underneath.

He believe that is where Matthews crawled under the deck to get out of the rain this weekend.

It was then he learned of his neighbor's disappearance. 

"Yeah we knew him because we saw on the news where they mentioned Weaver Street so we said yeah, he is one of our neighbors."

Police say Matthews was last seen Saturday night but wasn't home when family members went to check on him Sunday.

Matthews lives about four doors down from Clinton and investigators believe he stayed in the area.

Clinton says he would see Matthews walking around the neighborhood. 

Family members say Matthews had health problems but haven't said how he died.

Investigators say it didn't look like foul play was involved but they have to search every option.

Clinton says he hoped for a better outcome for his neighbor, but he offers condolences to the family.

"I hate for it to happen to anyone you know. I think he lived by himself."

East Ridge police hope to know more once an autopsy report is complete.


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