BETHESDA, MD (WRCB) -- In a post of his Facebook page Tuesday, Andrew Smith posted "Andrew got a new leg today! The's not electronic, free swing, and a lot lighter."

Smith, who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan in March of 2012, is working to master his prosthetic legs and return to a "normal" life.

Months of therapy and training at Walter Reed Medical Center have helped Smith continue to gain mobility. He's been swimming and playing golf, along with living his life with his wife, Tori.

Support from family and friends has manifested itself in a variety of ways: traditional moral support and a house built by local non-profit, Steps2Hope, founded by Mark Wilson.

Wilson, and his son, David, know the struggles Smith faces all too well.

David Wilson was nearly buried alive when an EF-4 tornado ripped through his college campus in Jackson, TN.

"The next morning, when he woke up, he couldn't move anything below the waist," recalled Mark Wilson, David's dad.

David, who's legs were crushed, underwent surgery and intense physical therapy just to be able to walk again.

"I can do pretty much everything that I could before, except I can't run as fast," said David.

"The scars are there," said Mark Wilson, referring to the marks left on his son's legs, "but we saw a sign one day that said it best - scars are like tattoos, they just have better stories behind them."

Additional support for Steps2Hope has also come from country music star Luke Bryan.

Bryan held a special concert, for which he didn't receive a dime, played for a packed house at Track 29 in Chattanooga.

The ticket sales, which topped $52,000, will go to building Andrew and Tori Smith's new accessible home.

Our radio partners at US101 orchestrated the event, also auctioned off items signed by Bryan, bringing in an additional $4,000.