CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Modern medicine has produced countless medications for seasonal allergies, but sometimes the side effects, like dry mouth and trouble sleeping, are just as bad as constant sneezing. And that's why so many are turning to Mother Nature for relief.

But, can a teaspoon of local honey a day really keep the doctor away?

Holistic medicine studies claim that treatment gives the body what it needs to heal itself, but they say it's not just local honey, it's local honey with a few other things to help combat allergies.

These days you're in the minority if you're not feeling it. Allergy clinics are packed right now, many say for good reason. They find real relief there.

But Ed Jones, who runs a nutrition shop, says there are other ways than taking steroids and antihistamines which often come with side effects.

"If those allergies are causing bad asthma or infections, you can justify taking those medicines. If they're only making you feel bad, you may say let me try something less potent and see if it works," says Jones.

Something that can be found in your friendly bee keepers backyard, Jones says, local honey is one remedy.

"Honey from a local area will contain pollen, which you would think is bad, but it helps your immune system not over react to the stuff that's out here," says Jones.

Jones says that's just the start. Add a teaspoon a day with a natural pill called Quercetin that will block histamines with no side effects. Try the all natural nasal spray called X-Clear to remove pollen from your nasal cavities.

He says there's also steps to take inside your home.

"If your pillow is more than two years old, 30 percent of the weight is of dead skin, mold and fungus. That feeds your allergies," says Jones.

In addition to all of that, he says find ways to boost your immune system and Vitamin D is a must.

"People with less healthy immune systems have more problems with ragweed and grass than most people who don't. If you have the bedroom good and the new pillow and you're taking natural remedies it is obvious if it's going to work," says Jones.