RED BANK, TN. (WRCB) -- Red Bank Senior Teddi Robinson, for the first time in nearly two weeks, left her hospital room. Robinson was driving down McCahill Road when someone in a passing car opened fire, hitting her.

Teddi opened up to Channel 3 about what she has been through. Despite having major surgery, she says she is doing just fine and says she is so thankful for all of the support from the community.

"I feel good. I don't hurt as bad as I have been. It's nice to be home and up and going," says Robinson.

Eighteen-year-old Teddi Robinson says she had no clue she had been shot last week as she drove down McCahill Road in Red Bank.

"Right as I got up on the car I heard a bang. And I thought, 'Oh, they hit me'. I thought they hit me because my car was spinning and remember going into the ditches then up a hill." 

It was not until paramedics arrived she knew what happened.

"They checked me out and he goes, 'Ma'am, you've been shot.' And I said, 'Oh. Okay.' I don't know what you say to that! I was just like, 'Oh. Okay.'"

She was rushed to the hospital and had to undergo six hours of emergency surgery.

"The nurses were saying that they were really surprised when they walked in and saw it was a little girl," says Robinson.

Doctors patched the holes in her stomach, removed her gallbladder and parts of her colon.

"I remember I was feeling so much pain that it was ridiculous."

Teddi has piles of cards and stuffed animals sent from family and friends. She says all of the support from her school has been amazing.

"It was just so overwhelming that people cared that much about it," she says.

She is determined to be positive about everything that has happened.

"It is a blessing. It made me stronger."

She says only looking back does she realize how lucky she is to be alive.

"My mom said they came out and told her that there was that chance that I wasn't going to come out. And when she told me that I started crying. I didn't realize how close I was. And I don't want to think about...I don't want to think about how close it was. I mean, I'm happy I'm here."

Teddi is still on track to graduate from Red Bank High School and says she is excited to attend UTC in the Fall.

Like a true teenager, she says she is more upset her car was totaled.

Police are still trying to solve this crime. A reward is being offered in the case. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at (423) 698-3333.

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