NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) -- A man from Louisville wants to make sure a Union Civil War soldier is remembered for who he was, not the mistake that happened after he died.

His headstone in a cemetery could be all that's left of Leonard Jones. Men like him didn't leave a lot of physical marks behind.

"Most Civil War soldiers didn't even take pictures," said John Gatton, a history buff and Vice Commander of the Sons of Union Veterans. "They were from the country and they moved around."

But on Private Jones' tombstone at New Albany National Cemetery, for the last century and a half Leonard Jones has been remembered as Leonard Combs. Jones died from illness as the Army was on the move and was buried at Young's Farm near West Point in Hardin County.

It may seem like a small battle, this name of a Civil War soldier who died generations ago, but Gatton says it likely matters very much to Jones' family and it should matter to all who have served in the name of this country.

"It was just a family farm cemetery and it was right off the road, so that's where they buried him," Gatton said.

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