TRION, GA (WRCB)  --  Residents at Parkview Apartments in Trion awoke to smoke and the sounds of fire trucks early Wednesday morning.

However, fire officials quickly determined the fire inside apartment seven was no accident; rather, they say it was started by Brenda Sue Young, 55, who lived there.

"The officer asked how the fire started and she simply stated she started it," Police Chief Chad Spraggins says.

Young's husband, Kline, told Channel 3 his wife has been sick.

"He said she had some mental issues in the days prior," says Spraggins.

According to the police report, Kline returned home from work late Tuesday night to find Young visibly upset.

"He asked her just to go to bed and calm down," Spraggins explains.

A little while later he heard a noise and smelled smoke. When he got upstairs the bedroom was on fire, he attempted to put out the flames himself but was forced to call 911.

Fire officials say his wife put their lives as well as many of their neighbor's lives in danger.

"She has a lot of health problems, dementia, she forgets things," says Mary, a neighbor. She says there's no hard feelings, she just wants Young to get the help she needs. "Sue, I want you to come home," she says.

Young is charged with first degree arson. She's in custody at the Chattooga County Jail. Officers are now trying to get her mental health evaluated.