RED BANK, TN. (WRCB) -- Two days after being injured in a drive-by shooting, Red Bank cheerleader Teddi Robinson was moved out of intensive care.

Classmates continue to show support for the high school senior.

They've taken to twitter, using the hashtag "Pray for Teddi" to rally support.

Meanwhile, investigators are hoping a reward will help lead them to the shooter.

"To see her laying there and not be able to get up and hug us and be her normal self is really hard," says Taylor Stott.

Teddi Robinson's friends have spent a lot of time at Erlanger since the 18-year-old was shot Monday.

Teddi was heading home, when a vehicle passed her on McCahill Road. Someone fired into her car.

The bullet hit her arm and traveled into her stomach, causing her to lose control of her car.

A similar shooting happened a short time earlier on Morrison Springs Road, but no one was injured in that incident.

"We feel very comfortable that they are connected," says Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol.

Wednesday, Red Bank police made a plea for information.

The department is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"This is an incident that to most of us makes absolutely no sense," Chief Christol says. "Until we're actually able to get someone in custody, talk to them and find out a little bit more about the motivation behind it, until then, we won't understand it."

Teddi's friends are far from understanding why she was a target, but they hope the reward will bring the shooter to justice.

"It could happen again if they're still out there," Stott says. "It's just hard to know someone could actually do that and could do it again."

"To say something, to step up and say something, could save somebody else," says Ansley Helton.

As leads continue to come in, those closest to Teddi have one request.

"Just pray for her," says Stott.

The entire Red Bank student body plans to wear blue Thursday in Teddi's honor.

Twitter is flooded with well wishes from those promising to pray for her recovery.

It's the support her friends say will see her through.

"She's very strong, and she's going to fight through this," says Lawrence Woodfin.

Witnesses reported seeing a black, 4-door sedan, carrying four black males, flee the first crime scene.  

Anyone with information in the two shootings is asked to call Red Bank police at (423) 875-0167 ext. 2101.        

Investigators say the caller will remain anonymous.


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