Chattanooga's Health South Rehabilitation Hospital got some rehab of it's own.

David Krukowski, Occupational Therapist says "We're very excited. I've been here almost 20 years. This is a big event for everybody and finally it came to fruition."

Tuesday morning, patients were wheeled down the hall into their new rooms with a lot more space and better amenities.

79 year old Bobby Owens is learning to walk again after he started having problems with his legs last year following some other health complications.


Bobby Owens, Patient says "This is 100 percent improvement over the old rooms. They were nice, but too small for two people and the wheelchairs in there."

The older rooms dated back to when the hospital was built in 1969 and weren't ideal for rehab patients.

The new complex can handle more patients with 50 new beds, including 30 private patient rooms and other rooms devoted to care for obese patients.

David Krukowski says "We have 5 bariatric rooms to handle obese patients more private rooms that are more accessible. Patients can get into showers, toilets are higher, they will be able to take care of themselves."

The 12.5 million dollar upgrade and expansion not only makes it a lot more pleasant facility for patients when it comes to appearance, but also it makes a difference in their rehab.

@Bobby Owens says "Like when I first came I was using the wheelchair and after three days I was able to use a walker which I do in physical therapy everyday and I can use it in the room. Hard to use in other room."

On average patients stay at HealthSouth about 2 weeks. Bobby is about to wrap up his rehab, and hopes to be able to eventually get around without any help.