RED BANK, TN (WRCB) -- Red Bank Police are investigating two drive-by shootings, one of them injuring a Red Bank High School student. The first shooting happened around 11 o'clock Monday night near the Highway 27 underpass at Morrison Springs Road. Moments later, a bullet hit a young driver on McCahill Road.

"We were sitting in there getting ready to go to bed and heard what sounded like two gunshots," says Tim Harris.

Harris lives off McCahill road. He immediately looked outside after he heard gunshots only to see a car had crashed in his neighbor's yard. Debris still lines the street.

"The victim of that crash had in fact been shot in what appeared to be a drive-by shooting," says Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol.

Christol says 18-year-old Teddi Robinson was driving down McCahill when someone in a passing car opened fire, hitting her. She crashed her car, backing it across the street into a front yard.

The people living at the house did not want to talk to Channel 3 on camera, but say after Robinson crashed, she came pounding on their door for help. When no one answered here, she ran across the street to another neighbor, who just happened to be a nurse, who helped her out until emergency officials arrived.

"She underwent surgery. She is recovering in stable condition today," says Chief Christol.

Friends of the family say Robinson was shot in the arm and the bullet grazed her intestines.

Robinson is a Senior cheerleader at Red Bank High. The principal says the school is cheering her to recovery on social media. The Red Bank cheer team tweeted, "praying for Teddi...the girl with the most spunk and bounce back attitude, she is truly a miracle."

"This could have been a much more horrific event. While her injuries were certainly outrageous, the fact that it wasn't more serious is a blessing," says Chief Christol.

"You wonder why?" asks Harris. "What goes through someone's mind that they would, number one, shoot a teenage girl, or anybody for that matter? You just wonder why, what goes through people's minds?"

In the first shooting a car was struck by three bullets, all the passengers were okay. Witnesses saw a black car with four black men driving away from that scene.

Chief Christol says they have reached out to the Chattanooga Crime Suppression Unit for help in the case.

In the meantime, Robinson is expected to make a full recovery. Students plan to wear the color blue to school this Thursday, to show their support.

If you have any information in connection to the shootings, call Red Bank Police at 423-875-0167.