DALTON, GA (WRCB) - A North Georgia family says it's one of the last things they ever expected to find in their yard-- a skull. They think it may be human. Now the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

The Stevens family lives on the south end of Dalton. They were getting ready for a cookout Saturday night, when one of the kids found what appears to be half of a human skull in their yard. Now the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office is testing to see if it is human and how it ended up there.

"Them little eyes, they don't miss nothing," Jeff Stevens said.

6-year-old Cherish was running around the yard with her brothers and sisters, when she told her parents she spotted a "big egg."

"I came and got a pry bar to stick under it and raise to see and it was just half of a skull when it popped out of the ground," Stevens said.

An experienced hunter, Jeff Stevens didn't figure this skull could belong to any animal.

"About this big and about 3/8 thick on the skull part. I've killed a little bit of everything there is and there ain't no skull I've ever seen that looked like that except a human just in seeing pictures and stuff," he said.

He said their dog, Annie, is always dragging stuff up into the yard from the woods and figures that's how it ended up just feet away from their home.

"It had been sawed off, it wasn't broke. You can see the saw marks on it," Stevens said.

He immediately called the 911 and tried to protect the scene.

"So I told them I'd lay something over it just where that spot would stay there," Stevens said.

He says detectives scoured the nearby woods for any other remains, but came up empty handed. They sent the skull off for testing to see if Jeff's assumptions are right.

"He was pretty positive it was a human skull also, but they'd have to send it off to a crime lab," Stevens said.

The next obvious question-- where'd it come from? The Stevens' property sits beside a cemetery according to their deed. Even though there are not any head stones there, they hope that's the source and it was just sawed in half during an old autopsy.

"If it'd been anything in the past 20 years or so, it shouldn't have been cut with a hacksaw, so I hope it's not someone that's been murdered or something," Stevens said.

The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office came out Sunday to take some more photos of the scene. The Stevens family says they were told the results from the crime lab would likely come back in a few days.