CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Chattanooga Fishing Forum (CFF) held the third event of its ten tournament season Saturday, April 13, 2013, out of Chester Frost Park on Chickamauga Lake. There were 33 teams consisting of Chattanooga Fishing Forum members that participated in the event.

The team of Lance Nunley and Thomas Wilson caught a three-fish limit weighing 14.92 pounds to win first place in the tournament.

Carl Vicars and Matt Vicars weighed in the big fish of the tournament with a giant largemouth weighing 9.02 pounds.

The Chattanooga Fishing Forum is an online fishing forum of local fisherman with a membership of nearly 8000 anglers. Qualifying for CFF tournaments requires active participation in the forum in the form of fishing reports, tournament reports, and general fishing and outdoors discussion. For more info on becoming a member visit

Tournament organizer Patrick McBride said, "Any CFF member can join us to fish, but each boat that participates in the tournament must have a combined total of at least 150 posts on the CFF. The minimum post rule was not meant to exclude anglers, it was designed to promote the active exchange of ideas and fishing reports on the CFF."

McBride says, "The purpose of the CFF Tournament Trail is to provide a low cost tournament format with a fellowship oriented atmosphere to anglers who want to participate in tournaments without the pressure or high costs associated with fishing higher-level events.  In many cases these events can be used by tournament anglers to hone their skills in preparation for next level of tournaments, or to decide if they are tournament fishing material."

Listed below are the top 10 places:
1st - Lance Nunley and Thomas Wilson - 14.92 lbs.
2nd - Kathy Rawlson – 14.03 lbs.
3rd – Austin Jayne – 13.84 lbs.
4th - Ben Hayes and Jackie Hayes - 13.72 lbs.
5th - Nick Pratt and Jimmy Reynolds - 12.94 lbs.
6th - Cory Nichols and John Oxford - 12.77 lbs.
7th - Carl Vicars and Matt Vicars - 12.72 lbs.
8th - Cameron Flores and Terry Williams - 12.59 lbs.
9th - Derek McCullough and Tyler Elrod - 12.02 lbs.
10th - Todd Smith and Tim Smith - 11.54 lbs.