PIKEVILLE, TN. (WRCB) - After Thursday night's storms ripped through the Midwest and deep south, Tennessee officials declared a state of emergency after reports of a possible tornado and damage in Monroe County, but high winds did some damage in Bledsoe County too.

Winds got so strong in the Nine Mile area of Pikeville, they ripped dozens of 40 pound cinder blocks off one family's garage and flung them over their house.

"We were upstairs and all of a sudden we heard the big boom and that's when the roof came over and the garage door went up on top of the house," storm victim, Edwin Farley says.

The Farley family says it's hard to believe a thunderstorm could rip their Volunteer Drive home apart.

"As you can see it had to be pretty powerful to go up," Edwin says.

They were shocked to walk out and see theirs was the only house in sight with major damage. Bledsoe County Emergency Dispatch says there weren't any other reports of storm damage.

"We found out this was the only part in the county this happened, so I guess everybody else was fortunate, but we're fortunate to be alive," Edwin says.

They're picking up some belongings up to 100 yards away from where they were sitting pre-storm.

Patty assumed her prized Mustang would be totaled, but was happy to find it unscathed even under piles of debris.

"It survived! That's hard to believe and see all this happen," Patty and Edwin say.

A team from their insurance company is clearing the rest of the debris so they'll be able to assess the home's damage. It's obvious the roof, breezeway and garage are a loss.

"Water was dripping on my head and I looked up and I saw the crack and it buckled down so we decided we'd better get out of there," Edwin says.

They're staying with family until it's fixed. They don't know when they'll get electricity back. Neighbors say they saw the fuse box send balls of fire shooting over their roof during the storm.

"We'd always heard about this, but it just don't happen to us," Edwin says.

The Farley family says they're overwhelmed at how many from the community have offered to help them clean up the pieces the storm left behind.