ATHENS, TN (WRCB) -- An accidental 911 call landed a McMinn County man in trouble with the law.

Dispatchers were able to trace the emergency call to a home on Railroad Avenue in Athens. As an officer approached the house Aaron Thompson was walking out and within minutes, he was in custody and facing drug charges.

"If I'm gonna be a criminal I may as well come over here and make it (explicative) right. I'm just tired of y'all," said Thompson when approached today at the scene of his arrest.

Thompson wasn't happy to see us just one week after a pocket dial to 911 led to his arrest on drug charges in Athens.

McMinn County 911 Supervisor Susan Jackson says calling 911 by accident isn't all that rare.

"Actually we get a lot of them. You'd be surprised how many times people call 911 and don't realize it."

Jackson said it's mostly children who get a hold of cell phones; sometimes it's adults, but for her, an accidental call that leads to an arrest is a first.

Jackson said, "If you don't hear anything you repeat it and then you listen to see if you hear anything in the background."

What the dispatcher heard was more than enough to send Athens PD.

"She said 'My gosh they're talking about drugs. On a 911 call?' Of course they didn't realize that," said Jackson.

During the 911 call you can hear someone police believe was Thompson say, "I'm looking for my methadone box. I'm sitting here waiting for you to smoke a joint."

When police arrived they found generic Xanax on Thompson and that's what he was arrested for.

"My lawyer told me not to talk. If your lawyer told you not to talk then don't talk," said Thompson.

However Thompson did tell us he, I have a prescription for my medication. The DA told me they're going to throw it out, it's gonna be thrown out of court."

Police say Thompson failed to produce a prescription during his arrest. The 911 call was open until the officer hinted to him that it was his phone that called 911.