CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Mayor-elect Andy Berke announced several changes concerning his administration Wednesday.

Among those returning are Daisy Madison, Chief Financial Officer; Gayle Keown, City Treasurer; and Richard Beeland, Deputy Administrator of Personnel.

Retirement requests have been accepted for seven individuals, including: Dan Johnson, Office of the Mayor; Susan DuBose, Personnel; Steve Leach, Public Works; Mark Keil, Information Services; Marie Chinery, Office of the Mayor; Randy Parker, Fire Department and Beverly Johnson, Neighborhood Services

Letters of resignations have been accepted for eleven individuals in their current positions, including: Missy Crutchfield, Education, Arts and Culture; Mike McMahan, City Attorney; Dan Thornton, General Services; Beverly Cosley, Office of Multicultural Affairs; Larry Zehnder, Parks and Recreation; Boyd Patterson, Gang Task Force/Office of the Mayor; Fred Houser, Gang Task Force/Office of the Mayor; Matt Lea, Office of the Mayor; Kathie Fulgham, Office of the Mayor; Ron Swafford, Human Services and Anita Ebersole, Office of the Mayor.

Berke says he is dedicated to ensuring the best people are serving the city.

"We must focus on the issues that matter most to our community, like keeping our citizens safe in their neighborhoods, having opportunities for their kids, and providing more jobs so they can take care of their families."

Berke says he will also continue discussions with Police Chief Dodd on his future with the city and how to implement the most effective public safety measures .