CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The investigation into a UTC fraternity house video has been re-opened just 24 hours after Channel 3 first showed you the video that has Phi Delta Theta under the microscope.

Tuesday, UTC students got a look at the video. Many questioned why it was posted online.

"You're doing something that is illegal, so you're going to catch it on camera and then publicize it on a freestanding social network that anyone can access," UTC Junior John Fentress shook his head. "And then you pin your face directly to the event?"

The cell phone video, sent to Channel 3 by an anonymous source, shows a member of UTC's Phi Delta Theta fraternity shooting bottle rockets into the pants of another member, who appears to be passed out.

A photo, posted by the same source, shows one member performing a lewd act on another while he sleeps.

Now Channel 3 is learning more about who may have been involved.

"We received notification today from the national (Phi Delta Theta) office that there is a possibility an undergraduate student was involved in the incident," said Dr. Dee Dee Anderson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development.

A spokesperson for the fraternity released a statement late this afternoon confirming the findings.

"Through our preliminary investigation an undergraduate member was discovered to be involved in the activities within the images previously provided."

The statement went on to say the member in question is no longer a member, pending a full investigation.

Tougher punishment could be on the way.

"There could be an individual that is charged, and then we could also charge the fraternity," said Anderson.

UTC officials had closed the investigation, believing only alumni were involved.

Anderson says the case was reopened today and the student, who's name is not being released, will be interviewed.

He could face punishment ranging from a verbal reprimand to dismissal.

In addition to school sanctions, the student in the video could face criminal charges if the victim chose to press charges.

So far, no charges have been filed with the local authorities.

John Fentress just hopes others will think twice before posting on Facebook.

"Whatever is able to be tagged to your name is generally going to be associated permanently with you because it's on there," he warned.

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