OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR) -- A mother owl has cozied up to an Oklahoma family and laid eggs in their window box.

The Clicks live in northwest Oklahoma City.

It is a golf course community, hardly the kind of nature preserve where you might expect an owl to lay her eggs.

However, for the fourth year in a row, a mother owl, affectionately named "Mrs. Tiger" has roosted in a window box outside of the Click's theater room.

Mrs. Tiger laid two eggs this year, which hatched last weekend.

"She has laid eggs for four years but has only set them for two years," Deziray Click said.

The Click family set up a webcam last year.

This year, they up their game with two HD webcams and a live feed on UStream.

Owl experts and bird rehab specialists have flocked to the webcam in droves, with about 750,000 hits so far.

It has been quite a lesson for Alessondra Click, 7, who is a home-school second-grader.

Alessondra named the owlets Tigris and Teegra and has given several presentations to school children in a home-school co-op and at a nearby elementary school.

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