CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB) -- The Chattanooga Police Department, along with the rest of the community, is remembering the life of well-known Police Captain Jeff Francis, who passed away Wednesday after suffering a heart attack.

Fifty-four-year-old Jeff Francis was not only known as a police captain, but as a loving man who devoted his time to his family, community and God.

Francis leaves a legacy with the Chattanooga Police Department. 

Chief Bobby Dodd says, "Captain Francis was a dedicated, 28-year veteran of the department and served the citizens of our community in various assignments. Francis will be sorely missed by the law enforcement community. Please keep the Francis family in your prayers."

"He was a wonderful man, greatly loved by his family and friends, and I think appreciated in all of his work places as well," says Dr. Susan Lovett.

Lovett worked with Francis for the past eight years at Tennessee Temple University.

She says news of his passing has hit the student body hard.

"We have students among us who have known him. I had one in my first class this morning, who has known him all her life," says Lovett, holding back tears.

Francis and his family have a longstanding tie to the school.

He taught outdoor classes, taking students on caving and canoeing excursions.

"Whether it's the zip line at Camp Joy, or the rope course, or rappelling out of the building, Captain Francis will always be remembered with a story," she says.

"He was a vital part of our ministry, vital part of our community," says Jeremy Roberts.

Pastor Roberts says Francis was also devoted to his church, at one time, running Camp Joy in Harrison.

He says most of all, Francis was devoted to his family as a father, grandfather, and husband to his wife Gail for 31 years.

"We need more people like Jeff Francis. We need people who are doing things to serve the community, to love people, passionate about the Lord. And overall, if more people were like Jeff Francis, this world would be a better place," says Roberts.

Visitation will be held Friday night from 4 to 8 at Heritage Funeral Home on East Brainerd Road.

Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2:30 at Highland Park Baptist Church.