CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Mark Stone of Memorial Auditorium says letting go of a long-time employee isn't the easiest thing to do but policy over personal.

Channel 3 confirmed James Germ, a 50-year employee of the venue, was let go after violating policy.

It's a tough pill to swallow for someone so close to retirement.

"We are trying to do things the right way. There are industry standards that were not being met," Stone says.

Germ was in charge of ushers, greeters and ticket takers.

Instead of bidding out contracts to venue management companies to take care of such duties, Germ would hire friends, family and those he knew to do the job.

Since Stone took over as director, he says the goal is to continue to clean up the image of Memorial Auditorium.

"The investigations the auditors did said we needed to tighten our policy and procedures," Stone says. "This is part of that."

The auditorium is already in the process of a $1 million renovation and pushing for restoration funds.

Stone says losing Germ may disappoint him personally, but it doesn't hurt Memorial's bottom line.

"There were no losses in this," he says. "There were no losses."

Germ could not be reached for comment.

Stone says there are no criminal charges pending that he is aware of.