FT. OGLETHORPE, GA (WRCB) -- As one North Georgia non-profit continues to grow, it is asking the public for a helping hand. The Center for Hope in Fort Oglethorpe is a faith-based counseling center, offering a variety of counseling services and assistance to those in need. It relies solely on donations, counting on the community to support its mission.

"We've seen thousands since we've opened the doors," says Alicyne Roth.

Roth is a Counseling Coordinator at the Center for Hope. It opened its doors in January 2009.

"The Center for Hope is Northwest Georgia's largest faith-based counseling center."

Walking into the center, you are surrounded with inspirational messages.

Roth says the center offers counseling at a very low rate, helping people with a variety of issues.

"Our counselors treat people for anger management, addictions, depression, anxiety."

They also assist with household items and run a food pantry.

"We really need food right now. We've helped a lot of people and we haven't had any donations since Thanksgiving," says Roth.

It is a mission Roth supports whole-heartedly.

"I understand what a lot of these people are going through."

She says counseling saved her life.

"I was so depressed that my will was done, my obituary had been typed out," she says.

Now, she gets joy making sure others get the help they need.

"After they come in here for a while, then you start to see a little smile on their face. And maybe their skin's looking a little brighter and there's a little bit more twinkle in their eye," she says. "I'm just blessed to be here because I know that we help people. I've seen it."

Roth says the center is partnering with Catoosa County. It is getting ready to start a pre-trial diversion program, helping first time non-violent offenders.

She says the center is always taking donations. Here is the center's contact information:

The Center For HOPE

500 North Thomas Road

Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Tele: (706) 866-0917

Fax: (706) 866-0947