EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) - An intruder is shot while climbing through the window of an East Ridge home. He was allegedly threatening to kill someone inside. It happened around 4:30 a.m. Saturday in East Ridge.

Police tell us the suspect, 34-year-old George Miles of Rossville, is the ex-boyfriend of one of the people living in the home. They say the break in and shooting was the result of a conflict that had brewing since Friday evening.

Paramedic gloves, a broken window and an accused intruder in the hospital is the aftermath of a scene that unfolded at a Greenbriar Road home in the early morning hours.

"We don't have much problems around here at all," neighbor Dallas Reynolds said.

Neighbors say two women just moved into the home a few months ago, then a man even more recently. Police say George Miles is one resident's ex-boyfriend.

East Ridge Police say they'd been contact earlier Friday night by one of the male residents at the home, saying he's gotten into an argument with Miles at the Wal-Mart off Brainerd Road. He claims Miles threatened to come to his house and kill him.

Hours later, residents say Miles tried to keep his word. They say he broke through a bedroom window, yelling "I'm going to kill you." Police say that's when the male resident shot Miles in the upper torso once. At the house, you can see "insured by guns" signs hanging on both doors.

"Should have a gun, learn how to use it and get a permit and carry it because there's too many nuts out there," Reynolds said.

Neighbor Dallas Reynolds says while it's a quiet neighborhood, he thinks everyone should be armed, because you never know when something like this could happen.

"Want to keep my family safe and if anybody breaks into my house they're going to be dead," Reynolds said.

Channel 3 dug into court records and found George Miles has plead guilty to several crimes in the past, some more than once, including public intoxication, DUI, resisting, driving on a suspended license, theft, reckless driving, possession of a prohibited weapon and disorderly conduct.

East Ridge Police say charges are pending in this case.

Miles' condition is unknown at this time. Police say he's recovering at Erlanger.

Again, no arrests have been made in this case. We'll continue to follow this developing story.