MCCAYSVILLE, GA (WRCB)  --  Ellis James Weatherspoon, 47, is accused of stabbing his girlfriend and kidnapping their two young children after a violent domestic fight Tuesday night.

Just before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, officers found Weatherspoon held up inside a camper off of Blue Ridge Drive. His two young children, a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old were with him. 

Officers say he attempted to light the camper on fire with the three of them inside.

The dispute began around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night inside Jennifer Palmer's McCaysville home.

Weatherspoon and the children's mother, Palmer, were fighting when officers say Weatherspoon grabbed a knife.

"I heard someone screaming, help me, help me, he's killing me, he's killing me," neighbor, Jojetta Watkins says.

Palmer was stabbed multiple times.

She ran across the street screaming for help, all the while leaving behind a trail of blood.

"Evidentially he had stabbed her in the back, right here in my yard," says Watkins.

Palmer managed to make it to the house next door. Watkins did what she could to stop the bleeding.

"She was cut, I mean she was just covered in blood," Watkins says. "She told me over on the porch, she said he was going to kill me and throw me in the river, and she said he was going to kill the babies."

Weatherspoon and the children disappeared until a phone call to Palmer's sister just after 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"He said I'm not turning myself in, he said I'll kill myself first," Palmer's sister Janet says.

About two hours later officers caught up with Weatherspoon inside the camper. The children were found unharmed and were taken into state custody.

Palmer is in stable condition at a Chattanooga hospital.

Family tells us the couple was together for eight years but did have a troubled past.

They say Palmer tried to leave a number of times, hopefully this time was the last.

Weatherspoon is charged with aggravated assault, however the Fannin County Sheriff's Office says more charges will likely follow.