CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- A man who has made dentures his life's work, will face a jury in a few months.

State investigators say he has been operating without a license.

The investigation started when an unsatisfied customer turned him in. But as Channel 3 learned Monday, the man's business started much earlier.

It's no secret what the man who lives at 144 Pierce Drive does for a living.
His business sits directly behind his Ringgold home.

"He makes dentures to the best of my knowledge," Beth Osborne says. "I've been in his shop once and he had all kinds of equipment and stuff. He's been doing that ever since we've been here."

Beth Osborne says Jack Mullins sees clients daily, that's why she was surprised to hear he was charged with practicing dentistry without a license.

"He has a lot of customers, and he has a lot of return customers," she says. "So, I would say it seems he knows what he's doing."

A dissatisfied customer turned Mullins in to the state licensing board when his $700 dentures didn't fit properly.

Only six states recognize, license and regulate denturists.

Georgia is not one of them.

For Mullins to make dentures in the Peach State, he would need a dentist's license, which he does not have.

But off camera the 75-year-old told Channel 3 he's been making dentures for 33 years, and never had a problem until now.

"I'm kind of surprised," Osborne says. "He's always had a good business."

The case against Mullins heads to trial in March.

Beth Osborne wishes him the best.

"Hang in there and speak your peace and tell the truth," she says.

According to the National Dental Association's web site, regulation and licensure for denturists have been established in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Maine.

Practicing dentistry without a license in Georgia is a felony.

Mullins, who denied our request for an on-camera interview, could face a year in prison and be forced to refund his clients.