CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB)  --  Chris Walker and his family bought their Ashland Terrace condo seven years ago. Earlier this month he received a letter from the city after the public works department conducted smoke tests on area sewer lines.

"There was a leak on my property with the line, and we needed to have it repaired. We had 30 days to get it repaired. I say we, I mean, me," Walker says. 

He believes the sewer line that runs close to his property also serves eight other condos and does not understand why he alone is being held responsible.  

"[The smoke] came up from underneath the concrete pad that's the driveway so really, exactly where the leak is at is difficult to tell," Walker explains.

Channel 3 sat down with Don Green with public works.

"When we find a problem, we always identify what the parcel, who the owner of the parcel is," says Green.

Green says lateral sewer lines that run from the main line to the house are considered private property; however, he admits he's not exactly sure where the leak is.

"We don't know until they do a camera. They can put a camera down in there, into the line and determine what's the problem and whose problem is it," Green says.

With some repair costs reaching thousands of dollars, Green says it's worth a second look.

"We'll determine if it's his problem or if it's something the entire condo complex is required to repair or whatever," says Green.

"This is not just your average homeowner that has one line coming in, this is a pretty complex situation," Walker says.

A town hall meeting is scheduled for 6:30 Wednesday evening, at the Hixson Community Center.

Anyone who has received a letter from the city regarding sewer lines and repairs, and anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to attend.