HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A mother is speaking out after her son was badly beaten on the school bus. Earlier this week her son, an Ooltewah Middle student, was badly beaten by an older student on the school bus, sending him to the hospital. The victim's mother says the violence in school needs to stop.

"My son in no way deserved what he got," says Tonya McBryar.

McBryar says her 14-year-old son is lucky to be alive.

"You have to stand up for what's right. My kid's always been taught to stand up for people that are being bullied. And he did that and because of that, he got a beating," says McBryar.

Earlier this week McBryar says her son, an 8th grader at Ooltewah Middle, was on the bus that was also carrying students from Ooltewah High.

She says her son was speaking up against a high school student that was making fun of another student on the bus.

"He was saying things to my son and my son came back at him and that was when all of the sudden out of nowhere, just hit him," she says.

McBryar says the whole ordeal was caught on the bus's camera. She has not seen the footage and school officials told her she probably would not want to because it was so violent.

"He didn't have a chance. He was knocked completely out, beaten, thrown across the bus a few times, on the ground. He hit his head on the top of the bus. I could not believe that my child was not put in a coma. Since he was knocked out unconscious, he could have broke his neck, his spine could have been injured."

Now McBryar is worried about potential lasting effects.

"He's having headaches now. He's on pain medicine."

McBryar says she has since learned the accused attacker is known to have anger issues.

"He should have never have been put in the school with children that are there for an education. My son has no disciplinary record. He has no issues at all," she says.

She wants the accused attacker sent to an alternative school so other students are not put in danger.

"Parents have to stop passing the buck, on to the schools, on to the police on tot anybody else to raise their kid. Take care of it yourself," says McBryar.

We spoke with Ooltewah High School principal Mark Bean earlier this week. He tells us disciplinary action will be taken against the high school student, but could not go into detail.

McBryar says she is pressing charges.