GORDON COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Private Cale Wooten enlisted in the Army after high school.

He was in basic training when doctors diagnosed him with Acute Myelocytic Leukemia.

A bone marrow transplant now stands between Cale and recovery.

"Without the bone marrow, I just don't see how much further he's going to be able to go," says Cale's uncle, Randy Williams.

Private Cale Wooten was training for battle, when the war came to him.

The Gordon Central High School graduate was halfway through basic training, when a case of strep throat led to a startling discovery.

"They did further testing and came back and told us he had leukemia," says Williams.

Cale, just 19 years-old, has been taking chemotherapy at Walter Reed Medical Center for the last month.

Doctors say he needs a bone marrow transplant to beat the cancer, but so far they haven't found a match.

"It could be anybody in the family," Williams says. "It could be a stranger."

Williams contacted Channel 3 to get the word out.

Like the rest of the family, he isn't a match. But, he hopes someone reading is, if not for his family, for someone else's.

"I encourage anybody not only for Cale's sake, but for anybody's sake, that may need blood or bone marrow, you could be saving somebody's life if you give," says Williams.

Cale's life is counting on it.

Friday, he finished his second round of chemo.

His parents are by his side, waiting for a match, confident there is one out there.

Cale's uncle just wishes it was him.

"I just wish there was more I could do for him, but I can't," says Williams, fighting back tears.

"I can't," he adds. "That's the reason I called you guys; I thought maybe the public could do something."

"So the message is, if you can give, give," asks Channel 3 Anchor Callie Starnes.

"Give if you can give," replies Williams.


Blood Assurance will setup in the Murray Medical Center's emergency room Tuesday, January 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

They will be working to find Cale a bone marrow match.

To learn more about the donations process click here.

According to Blood Assurance, a blood marrow donation can save three lives.

An estimated 400 donations are needed every day in our area.


Private Wooten's mother has set up a Facebook page to document her son's battle. You can leave notes of encouragement here.