CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Brandy Curry has been hailed a hero for using her body to shield her roommate's children from the flames that destroyed their home.

One of those children did not survive.

Now two years later, Brandy is on a mission for answers.

"It burnt the muscles," Brandy says. "And that's painful when your muscles are growing back from the inside out."

The 24-year-old has survived unimaginable pain.

"I still need help in the shower," she says. "I still need help getting dressed, but I'm getting there."

It's been two years since Brandy nearly died, trying to protect her best friend's children.

"It was our first night staying at the house," says Brandy.

Her roommate went to work that morning, leaving 15-month-old Destiny Jackson and 2-year old Antonio with Brandy.

"The firefighter said that they didn't even know there were kids in there, because I had climbed on top of them," Brandy says. "When they pulled me up two kids fell out of my arms."

Antonio survived, but Destiny did not.

"She had a respiratory infection anyway, and the smoke was just too much," says Brandy.

Brandy was burned on 85 percent of her body.

"I woke up 45 days later at the hospital," she says.

Doctors at the burn center in Augusta, Georgia put Brandy in a coma while they performed dozens of surgeries.

When she was strong enough to return home, she met with the firefighters who saved her, but the memory of that day has not come back.

"I just want to know how it happened," says Brandy.

The case is still open, but fire investigators can't offer any definite answers.

Evidence may point to cigarettes or a candle, but no official cause has been named.

"I didn't have cigarettes that morning," says Brandy.

Brandy doesn't recall a candle being lit, and questions a gas line that was worked on days before the fire.

While she's grateful not to remember the pain of that day, she wishes she had answers, ones that would help in her healing.

"Then it would be a little easier for me in my mind, not to get over it, but to move forward," she says.

Channel 3 asked fire officials when a cause will be named. We were told it's not likely fire investigators will make anything official anytime soon.

In the meantime, Brandy's physical healing is on hold.

She's been on disability since the fire, and says she was recently informed her insurance was cancelled.

Doctors believe brandy could fully heal in seven to eight years with more surgeries. But without medical insurance, it's impossible for her to afford the treatment she needs.