POLK COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)  --  It's been two days since a Polk County family fell into the Conasauga Creek, after their boat capsized. Now that water has receded, search efforts are back at full force.

"My hope is always closure for the family," volunteer, Richard Taylor says.

Taylor is a member of TEMA. But on Friday, he's a member of the search group and brought two volunteers and their secret weapons, their noses.

"He looks for a point source of scent for a body or a live human," explains Taylor.

Buddy the Labrador and Jake the Bloodhound will search the creek bank for any signs or scent of the missing family members. With the water level receding and an extra pair of eyes from the sky, the volunteers' hopes are high.

"Our search area keeps shrinking so we think we'll have good success today," Troy Spence with Bradley County Fire and Rescue says.

More than 30 members of his team arrived to lend a helping hand.

"The creek is still up but it is within the creek bank so that should help our efforts," says Jeff Bishop, with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Officials say the family members who were pulled out of the water Wednesday were interviewed again Friday morning before the search party was briefed, and then headed out to begin the search.

The man crews are looking for is in his mid 30s, the two children are under 12 years old.