(WRCB) - Today will be a transition day that sees us moving from warm, wet weather to cool, dry weather for the weekend.  Here is how it will play out today.

The front that has been sitting over us bringing the flooding rains will slowly move east this afternoon, and that is when things will begin to change.

The light rain will transition into light snow this afternoon.  A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the area from 11am to 7pm EST.  Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for North Georgia. 

With the snow, I expect about 1"-2" on the plateau, .25"-.50" in the valley, 2"-4"" in the Blue Ridge, and 1"-3" in N. Ga. (higher elevations could receive an inch or two more).

Anything that does fall may stick on the grass, but temps will stay above freezing (mid to upper 30s) while the snow is falling so I don't expect major problems on the roads other than wet roadways.  The exception may be on the plateau where temps have been in the low 30s through the day.

We will see temperatures eventually dropping into the 20s tonight.  Fortunately, we will see some gusty winds from the north at 10-20 mph that will rapidly evaporate most of the water on the roads.  With that said, any roads that do have water on them tonight will freeze, and cause problems for you Friday morning.

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